Starting out as a new LAMDA teacher can be a daunting task, especially as there aren't many training resources out there... Introducing the London LAMDA Studio: Teacher Training - created specifically to guide and support educators wanting to teach the LAMDA Exams Syllabus.

Syllabus Walkthrough

Our courses include a detailed breakdown of the LAMDA Exams Syllabus, with walkthroughs for the learning objectives of each Grade and corresponding knowledge section questions.

Student Demonstrations

Included within the course are examples of distinction level performances for each of the LAMDA Syllabus Stages, with explanations of why the students did well.

Expert Knowledge

Throughout, founder and expert tutor, Georgina Hart will draw from her extensive knowledge and experience teaching LAMDA, providing you with hints & tips for student success.

Student Success Formula

We provide you with detailed downloadable PDF content - including a grading criteria 'cheat sheet' with a simplified, easy to understand tick-list and reference questions, as well as a PDF with model answers to every single question that appears in the knowledge sections with.


Become An Associate

All students that complete this course can also apply to be an associate teacher for the London LAMDA Studio. We'll continue to support your journey by inviting you in to observe classes, helping you to build your client base and give you access to the London LAMDA Studio's Google Drive which includes materials for own choice pieces and student worksheets.



Acting Syllabus

Acting Syllabus: Grades Entry-8.

Acting Syllabus: Grades Entry-8. Includes detailed talk-through of the Acting syllabus grading criteria and knowledge sections as well as downloadable PDF's of grading criteria 'cheat sheet' and model answers. Lastly, student example performances.